Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm Writing Things! And Releasing Them!

I get a lot of fun emails and questions from readers. I love them all, and they make me excited to write, so please, keep sending them! The question I'm asked the most though, is when I'll have more books coming out. I've been horrible at keeping you guys updated...mostly because seeing the impending deadlines in writing instead of in my head makes me want to crawl under my desk, mainline chocolate, and watch marathons of Vikings and Sons of Anarchy. 

 And really, who wouldn't want to spend some time with this Viking?

Or this Son of Anarachy?


 But, I LOVE that you're excited for my books, and because I LOVE you, and want you to know what's up, I'm giving you a list...in writing.

So, here's what I'm working on now...

New Adult, Book 1 of a series 
(I LOVE this hero! LOVE him! And my heroine is awesome too! This book is full of SEXY!!!)
New Adult Serial Series with Episodes 
(So much college fun!)
Devil Series, Short Story #1 
(Kate, Sophie, and Ella Shenanigans!)
Devil Series, Book 2 
(Hawke... I think that's all I need to say.)
Devil Series, Short Story #2 
(More Shenanigans!)

And here are the tentative release dates for books I have coming out this year...

Spring 2014-Devil Series Short Story #1
Spring 2014-New Adult Series, Book 1 (Title and Cover Coming Soon!)
Spring 2014-New Adult Serial, Episodes 1 and 2 (Titles Coming Soon!)
Summer 2014-Devil Series, Book 2 (Title and Cover Coming Soon!)
Summer 2014-New Adult Serial, Episodes 3-4
Fall 2014-Devil Series Short Story #2
Fall 2014-New Adult Series, Book 2 
Fall 2014-New Adult Serial, Episodes 5-6 

This list will probably change (and maybe even be added to) depending on how fast I write and how many times I watch the new season of Vikings. And yes, the History Channel knows about my Vikings obsession. The show started following me on Twitter. I giggled like a fangirl when they did.

 Now you know the writing and release plan! 

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Thanks again for reading my books! I love you all!!! 

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