Monday, April 7, 2014

Cover Reveal, The Riding Master, by Alexandrea Weis!

Quirky, reclusive, and unwilling to trust, Rayne Greer has removed herself from the world and lives only for her horse, Bob. After her heartbreaking divorce from the wealthy, arrogant, and much older Foster Greer, Rayne returns hides behind the world of horses she loved as a child. She is insulated from men, until she meets the handsome new riding master of Southland Stables, Trent Newbury. Hired to supervise Rayne and the other riding instructors, Trent is bold, competitive, and from the moment he meets Rayne, determined to have her. Rayne thinks the man with the striking gray eyes is just another playboy out for a good time with women and little else. But Trent has something other men do not; a patient and methodical plan for taming the skittish Rayne and gaining her elusive trust.
     After corralling her to dinner, Trent gets Rayne to slowly open up and she learns to confide in him. After an impassioned kiss, Rayne begins to see the riding master in a whole new light.
     Despite Rayne’s wishes to keep the relationship platonic, Trent relentlessly pursues her. He also encourages her to move forward with her riding and return to the show ring despite a long absence. Gaining her confidence inside and outside of the riding ring, Rayne feels ready to take the next step with Trent. But right when the relationship heats up, Rayne’s ex and her alcoholic mother step in and complicate matters.       
     Trent offers a shoulder for Rayne to lean on when dealing with her cold and distant mother. Slowly, he gains her trust, but doubts still plague her, especially when facts about Trent’s philandering past come to light. After Rayne discovers Trent’s involvement with his former boss, Lisa Shelby the owner of Shelby Stables where he worked as riding master, she begins to question his intentions for her.
     But Trent swears he has found something special in Rayne, and promises to be loyal to her. As Rayne slowly succumbs to his gentling of her heart, Trent introduces her to a new world of passion. Falling for Trent, she allows him in her life and takes his advice to return to the show ring. He enters her in an upcoming horse show and works with her and Bob to get ready. Rayne feel she has found the best of both worlds; a boyfriend and trainer.
     At a special party where she meets Trent’s friends, Tyler Moore and his wife, the famous author Monique Delome, Rayne runs into her ex, and Trent’s former flame, Lisa Shelby. The encounter makes her wonder why Trent is with her. But her fears soon subside when he gives her the key to his home, asking her to be a part of his life. Overjoyed, Rayne agrees.
     A friend at work encourages Rayne to take another step forward and give Trent her house key, so he will feel she is earnest about her desire to make things work between them. Deciding to surprise Trent with her key, she goes to his house and when she walks in, finds a Lisa Shelby naked and dripping wet in his living room. Lisa tells Rayne how she has worked her way back into Trent’s life. When Trent walks in and finds the two women, he denies any wrongdoing, but it is too late. Rayne’s trust has been shattered and she ends their relationship.
    Things go from bad to worse when her mother’s health quickly deteriorates. Years of alcohol abuse have left Estelle with a bad liver and a lot of debt, compounding Rayne’s heartache. Desperate for escape, Rayne buries herself in preparations for the coming horse show.
     On the day of the horse show Rayne confronts Trent about their relationship. He vows they are not finished, but Rayne disagrees. When she enters the show ring, she is able to jump a glorious round and be in contention for a ribbon.
    Exiting the show ring, she is greeted by an unexpected visitor, her mother. Estelle has spent her life avoiding her daughter’s love of horses, but now, encouraged by Trent, she has come to the show to support Rayne. She admits Trent has helped her to see her daughter in a new light and wants a chance to mend things between them. She tells Rayne that Trent needs another chance, too.
     When Rayne discovers she has won the blue ribbon, she wants nothing more than to share it with Trent. Finding him on the show grounds she confesses her love for him, but he is not entirely convinced, and Rayne must commit one final act of “proof” to assure Trent. 
     In the end, Rayne finally finds contentment with a man she can truly call her riding master.                   

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