Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Award!

Cute Courtney Reese was nice enough to give me a Happy Award for my blog. She's a writer with excellent taste in books and a really cool blog layout. Since I've been busy beta reading for one of my critique partners, I've neglected posting much this past week. So the Happy Award gives me an excuse to take time and post ten things that make me happy.

1. My hyper Pomeranian, Pippin, who makes me feel like a star every time I walk into a room.

2. Laughing so hard my stomach hurts.

3. Modern Family, Arrested Development, Glee, and especially Lost!!! I can't wait for Season 6!!!

4. Cupcakes. If it wasn't for my relationship with the cupcake shop, I doubt I'd get any writing or revisions done at all.

5. A good book with characters I fall in love with and want to read again and again.

6. The kiss between Aragorn and Arwen at the end of The Lord of The Rings, Return of The King. Every man on earth should have to take kissing lessons from that scene.

7. The gnocchi at Cucina Toscana in Salt Lake City.

8. The sound of a V8 muscle car.

9. The smell of rain.

10. Hearing a great song that I haven't heard in awhile and remembering how much I love it.


  1. Ha HA first comment. These lists make me happy. Number six is so was just so beautiful and honest.

  2. Congrats!! And I love the Mustang picture. Someday...

  3. You write in a cupcake shop?! How amazing is that? We don't have any such thing where I live! :(

    I can't wait for Lost either!!! (And Glee ROCKS) I also agree with number 6!!!

  4. Jess, that's a great way to describe it! I watched that kiss over and over again.

    Thanks DL! It's nice to know another Mustang fan! They are such fun cars and nothing compares to the sound of that engine.

    Kristin, you don't have a cupcakery anywhere? We have a few here. I don't write at the cupcake shop but their cupcakes help convince me to keep going. I have what I like to call a writing Crisis of Confidence sometimes. The crisis has levels, like Homeland Security, only the crisis levels are based on mini cupcakes from the cupcake shop. Some days you just need 4 mini cupcakes to keep writing. :) And LOST!!!! I'm rewatching Season 1 now and can't believe how many hints they give to the rest of the show even in the pilot episode! I am in constant awe of the writing on the show.