Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another ARC Giveaway!

Eternal Starling releases in 20 days!!!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! (This is me running around the house, arms flailing, and my little dog in complete confusion because he only acts this way when he has a Milkbone...which I'm clearly lacking).

To celebrate the fact that the release is EXACTLY three weeks away, I'm giving away another ARC!

The rules are below, and the contest is open internationally.

Good luck!


  1. I don't particularly believe in soulmates because they come and go all the time and you never know who might actually be the right soul mate for you. But I guess that's just me? :D

    Awesome giveaway by the way!

  2. I don't really believe in soul mates, but I do feel that there is someone out there for me. Maybe more than one somebody and it just depends on who I happen to meet first. Not very romantic of me, haha.

  3. I believe in soulmates but that particular person doesn't have to have a romantic relationship with you. He/She can be that person that is just impossibly compatible with you :)

  4. Wow. I remember when I had first read your interview at the Fiction To Film website!

    I'm so glad I did. The concept of these books drew me in right back then, and I'm so happy for you, Angela! :D

  5. Of course I believe in soulmates, because I had found my one and I am very happy right now. I do believe everybody has a person waiting for them in the world, they just have to search for that special one. :-)

  6. I don't believe there is only one perfect person for you out there. Maybe the universe has a couple for you and it is all about timing.
    Kjovus at gmail dot com

  7. I would have to say no, not in the real world. But I do believe that characters have soul mates that perfect someone that just gets them. Plus I love reading about when a character finds their soul mate.

  8. I think I do. Though I'm still doubtful. :D