Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Things...

This is a blog tour post from The Devil Drinks Coffee that actually didn't get posted. But, I like it a lot so I decided to post it here!

Top 10 Things You'd Change About High School if You Could Go Back in Time

1.      I would have used less hairspray. Much. Less.
2.      Bought a ceramic flat iron to tame my curly hair at a much younger age.
3.      Doc Martens would not have been the only brand of shoes in my closet.
4.      Under no circumstances would I have let my mom convince me to wear the bunny costume in the town parade.
5.      Invested in mascara that didn’t make my eyelashes look like spider legs.
6.      Learned a foreign language so my foreign language requirement class in college would have been much easier.
7.      Warned my dates I was a vegetarian before they cooked steak/burgers/hot dogs for dinner.
8.      I would not have let my teachers convince me to attempt a ventriloquism act during the annual talent show.
9.      Would have learned how to find figure flattering jeans at an earlier age.
10.  Considering how much oil my classic Mustang went through, I would have purchased stock in oil companies.


  1. I just have to say I'm so totally jealous of the fact that you had/have a classic Mustang. I love that car and have never had one of my own, sadly.

    1. I was my favorite thing in high school! I still love my Mustangs, but they were a lot more fun when I was younger and could spend more time maintaining them.

  2. I would have tweezed my brows. How come no one told me to tweeze??

    1. LOL!!! I don't think anyone noticed but you! You were gorgeous then and now! :)