Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tudor Book Challenge

My incredibly witty friend and book blogger, Michelle, is having a book reading and review competition on her blog. The challenge: to read as many books as possible about or inspired by the Tudor Monarchy. The competition last for the next year and Michelle was nice enough to ask me to help her read and judge the contest book reviews. She's giving away some great prizes to winners including gift cards from Borders. If you're interested in the Tudor period and would like to participate in the contest, you can read about it on Michelle's blog,


  1. Too bad I've already read myself out of any interest in this period! -TEG

  2. "TEG",

    I guess that will be your nickname for my blog, eh? You will have to recommend some books from the Tudor period for me to read. :) Did you look at Michelle's blog? She wrote a very nice review of the first three chapters of Eternal Starling.

  3. I actually signed up as TEG for Dante's Heart, but I knew you'd recognize me immediately. :)

    On another note, great interview!

  4. Thanks TEG. :) I was excited about the interview. Have you explained to Dante's Heart what TEG means? LOL :)