Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eternal Starling Review (The First 3 Chapters)

If you've visited my website, you know I have the first three chapters of Eternal Starling posted on the site as a PDF. I know, I know, the merit of posting chapters is a hotly debated topic in the publishing world. Some people think it's a horrible idea because the author is releasing unedited work and there are some publishers who don't like it, period. As someone with a marketing background, I felt like putting a few chapters on my site would help me start to establish a fan base for my book. I've been pretty happy with how it's turned out. News about the chapters has spread by word of mouth through social networking and I get a lot of emails, Tweets, and Facebook and Goodreads messages from fans around the world asking where they can buy my book (even though I don't have an agent or publisher yet). Some of my fans have even taken the time to translate my PDF chapters into the language they speak (French and Arabic so far), how awesome is that!!!

Because of the chapters on my site and social networking, I've met some incredible people, including Michelle Benedict, who wrote a review of the first three chapters of Eternal Starling. Michelle is a fantastic reviewer who writes pointed and honest opinions about books. I'll admit, I was a bit terrified for her to read my chapters, but when she told me she really liked them and then said she could identify with my heroine, I wanted to dance around the house. One of the reasons I wrote Eternal Starling was because I was reading a lot of Young Adult books with heroines I just didn't relate to as a teenager. At all. Reading Michelle's opinion makes me feel like I achieved what I set out to write. You can read her little review here:


  1. How exciting. And I must say they are an excellent three chapters!

  2. Thanks Autumn! I can't wait to read yours!!!