Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fire Petal Books...Check Out The Auction!

For all my children's and YA writer friends, I must introduce you to Fire Petal Books. It's a new bookstore opening in Centerville, Utah, that sells books specifically for kids and teens. It's run by the fabulous Michelle Witte who has worked in the publishing business for several years and decided to follow her passion and open a store for kids who love books. I have no doubt this endeavor will be a huge success. She's already getting press in PW and she has
agent/editor/author friends spreading the word.

I LOVE the idea of the store and want to help her out and maybe help my blog followers too.

Right now Michelle is trying to raise money to get the bookstore off the ground and has decided to hold an auction on her site to do it. She has some fabulous things in her auction including signed copies of books, query critiques, and a manuscript critique by Molly O'Neill, a children's editor at Harper Collins!!! Are you kidding me??? A manuscript critique by a Harper Collins editor??? That is an AH-MAZING item. And there's more where that came from!

Get over there and check out the auction, Michelle's story, and help her with her dream to open Fire Petal Books!!!

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