Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Update about my sister

I just want to say thank you to everyone for their concerns about my sister, Natasha. My family and I were overwhelmed by the support, thoughts, prayers, and love from all over the world. The positive energy made a huge difference! It really helped Natasha keep her spirits up. We read the comments on my blog post, Twitter, and Facebook page to her. It meant the world to her that so many people, including people she's never met, cared about her getting her eyesight back.

I want to update you and let you know Natasha is doing a lot better! She's no longer completely blind and she has started to regain some of her vision--enough that she can get around on her own again. She's back home now, spending some quality time with her cat, Belle. :) Her doctors were completely shocked at her recovery. They weren't sure if she would ever recover, and they definitely didn't expect her to be at this point for several months, if at all.

I know the support and love of everyone made a difference, and really contributed to her recovery. We know her sight will continue to improve and she's doing well. My family and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

Hugs to you all!!!


  1. I missed your last post (until just now), but am glad to hear your sister is recovering well. Wishing you, your sister and your whole family nothing but the best :-)

  2. SO so happy for your sister and your entire family, Ang! Just goes to show what positive thinking and prayer can do!

  3. Congratulations Angela!! I'm just so happy for all of you!! This is WONDERFUL news and I'm so glad Natasha has managed what the doctors thought to be nearly impossible ;D I wish her a quick and complete recovery (: