Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eternal Echoes Dedication

When I pick up a book, the first thing I read is the dedication and acknowledgments. I often wonder about the stories behind them. If you've read the Eternal Echoes dedication page, you'll know that it's dedicated to my brother and sister. I wanted to tell you why.

My brother and sister have Peters Anomaly Plus Syndrome. You can read more about it in this post. They were born blind, and had other developmental problems as well. They've fought against incredible odds for years, and thanks to the wonderful people who have helped them, and their optimism, they've thrived. Not only that, but their surgeries helped to pioneer treatments for other people born with Peters Anomaly and Peters Anomaly Plus. A huge part of the reason for their success is the tenacity and skills of the doctors at the Moran Eye Center.

The Moran Eye Center is the largest vision and research center in the Intermountain West. The doctors there, and at the University of Utah, literally gave my brother and sister eyesight when all other doctors told my parents to put my siblings in a hospital and wait for them to die. The doctors and staff are truly amazing people, committed to helping as many people as possible to receive sight and have a better life. They make sure that regardless of a person's problems, or their ability to pay, they can still receive treatment. They do medical missions outside of the United States, and Charitable Surgery Days at the hospital in Utah. My brother and sister have been recipients of the amazing talents and love of the Moran Eye Center doctors and staff.   

It's always been a dream of mine to be able to pay forward the help and support my family received when my brother and sister were young. I thought it would be a nice tribute to include a note about the Moran Eye Center in the book dedicated to my brother and sister. So, that's the reason for the donation information below the dedication.

Thank you for all of your support of my books, and to the people who have been there for Colten and Natasha, you have my heart!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eternal Echoes Book Blast!

She thought she stopped the evil.

She thought she was safe.

Everything she thought was wrong.

Almost four months have passed since Evie Starling learned she was a Tracker and helped defeat a Daevos Clan that was taking others like her—but that wasn’t the end of the abductions. As an unknown evil emerges, Evie vows to help solve the mystery of the missing Trackers, regardless of the risk.

With new powers she doesn’t understand and can’t control, she turns to Alex and Emil, her two soul mates, for help. But her feelings for them both are tearing her apart.

As the world around her is thrown into chaos, Evie is confronted with what could be a destiny-altering truth. Will she accept her history, her memories, and her role in this life, or choose to ignore the echoes of her past?

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About Angela

Angela Corbett graduated from Westminster College with a double major in communication and sociology. She started working as a reporter for her local newspaper when she was sixteen and won awards for feature, news, and editorial writing. She has also done freelance writing. In addition to writing, she works as a director of communications and marketing. She loves classic cars, traveling, and listening to U2. She lives in Utah with her extremely supportive husband and their five-pound Pomeranian, Pippin, whose following of fangirls could rival Justin Bieber’s.

Angela writes under two names. Young Adult and New Adult titles are written as Angela Corbett. Adult titles are written as Destiny Ford.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Eternal Echoes Release Events!!!

Eternal Echoes is here!!!

Stop in and enter the giveaways! There are SOOOOO many, with awesome prizes! I'll be announcing winners after 8 PM Mountain Time.

And if you still need your copy, here are the links!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Two Things!

Two things!

1. I wrote a Halloween scene for an event last year. It takes place between Eternal Starling and Eternal Echoes. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you do because it's referenced in Eternal Echoes. :) Here's the link.

2. A signed paperback of Eternal Echoes is up for grabs on Goodreads! Make sure you enter the giveaway, and share it with your friends!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Eternal Echoes by Angela Corbett

Eternal Echoes

by Angela Corbett

Giveaway ends November 24, 2013.
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Eternal Echoes Events!!!

Eternal Echoes comes out in less than 2 weeks!!!!

2 WEEKS!!!

On November 19th, I'm doing a big Facebook release event to celebrate! I'll be giving away TONS of swag, giftcards, signed books, ebooks...you don't want to miss it! You can RSVP and join the party here! I'll be doing giveaways all day, so just pop in when you can!

Also, I'm posting Eternal Echoes teasers every day until the release on my Emblem of Eternity Facebook page. If you like the page, you should be able to see the teasers!

Thank you for being so excited about this book!

Hugs to you all!