Thursday, August 23, 2012

Signing and Sand Dunes!

Whew! I'm finally catching up from being out of town. Idaho Falls was so much fun! 

My signing at the Grand Teton Mall Barnes and Noble was fantastic! I met so many awesome people! (Hi Michelle! *waves* I got your email and will email you soon!). And the store staff was amazing! Huge thanks to Kaaren, Bobbie, Jessica, Rachel, Melissa, Eraleigh, and Chet! (I hope I spelled your names right!) I can't wait to come back and sign there again!

I had TO. DIE. FOR. cupcakes and coffee here. They're opening a store near my house in Utah. It could be trouble. Lots of trouble.

Our hotel was 3 blocks from the falls! Every night was like going to sleep with a sleep machine on the waterfall setting. We ate dinner across the street from the falls at a yummy Mexican restuarant, walked along the water, and Pippin had a grand time investigating all the new smells and meeting other dogs.

Idaho Falls is only about 40 minutes from the St. Anthony sand dunes! One of my, (and Evie's) favorite places in the world! This photo is like Where's Waldo, only it's Where's my Husband. Can you find him? He was waiting for the rest of the people in our entourage to get to him.

And speaking of our they are:

My grandpa, husband, and sister in my grandpa and grandma's dune buggy.

My husband (on the yellow Suzuki), and my Dad (on the silver Raptor).

My brother and sister. With their vision problems, the wide open sand is one of the only places they can drive their ATV.


And me! I haven't been to St. Anthony for so long! It was SO good to get back on a four-wheeler again!

And last but not least, this is one of my favorite spots at St. Anthony! In Eternal Starling, Evie and Alex have a pretty important chat at the sand dunes. This is the exact spot I was thinking of when I wrote that scene.

So, that was my trip in a nutshell! I've had some requests to do an Eternal Starling get-together at the sand dunes sometime. Maybe when the last book in the trilogy is released? It sounds like fun to me! What do you all think? 


  1. I don't have good luck with ATVs. I tend to crash them. I'll have to tell you the stories sometime.

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