Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Squeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! It's almost Sugar Cookie Day!!!!!!

Okay, so really I mean it's almost Valentine's Day, but the holiday is celebrated with scrumptious frosted cookie goodness. That's not something to be ignored.

It's also a holiday celebrating Love, which I love even more than sugar cookies. :)

So, in honor of Love...and Sugar Cookies, I'm doing a giveaway! I'd send cookies, but this is international, and no one likes old, smashed cookies. So, you'll get an Emblem of Eternity swag pack, and some chocolate. Oh! And did I mention the swag pack will include a tattoo with the cover of Emblem of Eternity book 2? The cover reveal is happening soon, my friends!

Also, check back on Valentine's Day for a special sneak peak at an excerpt from Emblem of Eternity Book 2. Want a hint?

There will be kissing.

Serious. Kissing.

Use the Rafflecopter giveaway below to enter!

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  1. My favorite thing about valentines day is making the valentines. Hubs and I dont ccelebrate, but I did get him a new zombie mocie for the day.

  2. Well of course, being a chocoholic, the chocolates are my fav part!!!!

  3. Wow...makes me want to make sugar cookies!

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  5. I love the baked goods and chocolates.


  6. I like getting chocolate...and the sales on chocolate on Feb. 15! :)

  7. I love getting chocolate on Valentine's Day, and going out to eat!

  8. My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is when I can stay home and read so I can get lost in my book boyfriends!

  9. I love how there is a feeling of love everywhere you go on Valentines day :) It makes me happy to see people so happy and in love with their soul mate ;) :D All the lovely sweets are a wonderful bonus too!