Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Devilish Early Release!!!

Sooooooo...guess what eBook released early?!?!!!!

The Devil Drinks Coffee!!!!

And it's only $2.99!!!

When a local teenager is murdered, it's the most shocking news to hit Branson Falls, UT, since the Democrats won the presidency. Newspaper editor, Kate Saxee, is determined to find out what really happened.
Relax with a cup of coffee (or "hot chocolate") and follow Kate as she investigates a murder, cow suicide, revolving door mishap, and tries to stop the rumors about her love-life.

You can get it at the following links!

And if you follow my author page on Facebook, I'll still be posting some of my favorite teasers from the book leading up to the actual release date on Tuesday. There will also be some special events going on during Tuesday too, so watch my Facebook page!

Thanks for being so supportive, my friends!!!

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