Thursday, June 27, 2013

Book Blast!!! Sign Up!!!

The book blast for The Devil Drinks Coffee is coming next week!!!

What's a book blast, you ask? It's basically a way to blast a book around the interweb as much as possible in one day! It's supposed to help increase awareness for my book, and since the success of a book depends on people knowing about it, this is a big deal!!!

My fabulous friend, Jean Booknerd from Booknerd Tours, put the book blast together! Anyone can sign up, you just need a blog to participate, and need to commit to posting about the book on your blog and social media sites next Tuesday, July 2nd.

And!!! If you participate, you'll be entered into Jean's special Booknerd Tour Host Giveaways!

So, if you haven't signed up, click on THIS LINK, fill out your name and blog info., and send it to Jean!

Thank you so much for participating! I'm so lucky I get to do something I love for my job, but I absolutely couldn't do it without you and all of your support!!!


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